Saturday, December 18, 2010

Anglican Prayer Beads at Laude Arts and Gifts

Anglican Prayer Beads are also known as Ecumenical Prayer Beads or the Anglican rosary. Use of these prayer beads began in the 1980's. Since then they have enjoyed increasing popularity among Protestants who have found the use of prayer beads enables them to enter more deeply into prayer. The Anglican Rosary is comprised of 4 sets of 7 beads known as "Weeks". Four of the larger beads are called Cruciform beads, so called because they represent the four arms of the cross. The bead closest to the cross is the Invitatory bead. This makes a total of 33 beads which represents the number of years that Christ was alive on this earth.One note: traditionally, Anglican prayer beads do not have a center. I have included a small center simply to make a more attractive transition from the pendant part of the rosary to the body part of it. This was done purely for aesthetic reasons and was not intended to change or modify the theological basis of the prayer beads.
These particular prayer beads are comprised of sparkly, pink, Swarovski crystal roundels. The Cruciform beads are accented with Tibetan Silver Bead caps. Both the center and the ornate cross are silver plated brass.
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