Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just Listed at HeartFelt Rosaries!

Something new at HeartFeltRosaries.com--from my "Ultimates' Line--
Stunning Black Pearl and vibrant red Ruby in a solid Sterling Silver Rosary! It's in the shop now, and at an introductory price!

The Pearls are high quality, AA+, and miss the top rating of AAA only because they are not perfectly matched rounds.  You won't notice that--but your wallet will...

Likewise, the Rubies are exceptional, with the vivid red that is seen in the finest rubies (these are opaque, glowing stones that I saw at a bead show and knew--immediately--that I had to have.  And after some intense haggling, I took them home!)

Crucifix, medal, and center are all ornate, hand cast from the antique originals--they make a beautiful addition to the Pearl and Ruby.

Disclaimer--this post was created with a large, marmalade cat snuggled in one arm.  Any typos should be attributed to Maxx vonMeow's interference assistance !

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