Monday, February 20, 2012

just Listed at HeartFelt Rosaries!

St Benedict is a strong protector against Evil, and his medal is set into the Bronze Crucifix in my newest Rosary! Large 10mm Aves are a deep blue-black color with a refractive band of light blue that changes as you view it from different angles--
The blue is mirrored in the natural, undyed blue Agate Psters and everything is wrapped in solid bronze wire for an unbreakable Rosary.  The center is of the Sacred Heart.
The 10mm Aves make this a larger Rosary that prays well. It is silky smooth, with a wonderful feel in the hand.
It is appropriate for either men or women, but may be especially appreciated by police (or those who pray for them), as the Aves resembles the Thin Blue Line. And, of course, any Benedictine oblate would be pleased to receive it.

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