Saturday, March 3, 2012

Just Listed at HeartFelt Rosaries!

Just listed at Blue Cloisonne with rich Swarovski Pearls in a Coptic inspired Rosary--
Cloisonne is an ancient technique of decorating metal beads with colorful designs, and these Royal Blue brass beads are covered with colorful enameled flowers and foliage. They create a beautifully detailed Rosary, rich in glowing bronze and with accents of Swarovski Crystal and Pearl.

Cloisonne first arose in the near Middle East, and is present in Jewelry found in the pharaoh's tombs. It is made by setting thin metal bands in design onto a metal bead or background, then filling in the spaces with gemstones, glass, or (most commonly found today) enamel. The technique spread throughout the known world, especially to the East, where the tradition continues to this day.  There are gorgeous garnet an gold cloisonné pieces from 8th century Celtic culture, many sacred Christian objects, and intricate enameled work from China.  These beads are Chinese Peony beads with an almost medieval feel.

The Crucifix and 4-way center are of Ethiopian Coptic origin and add substance and heft to the Rosary design. They have been carefully hand cast in solid bronze, then burnished to a fine patina.

It's listed now in the shop--Click here to visit the shop!

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