Saturday, March 24, 2012

Purple Striped Agate Catholic Rosary

This rosary is made with 8mm beautiful purple striped agate as the AVES. The agate is every shade of purple from pale to dark in swirls and stripes. Each AVE bead is wire wrapped at each end and attached to the next bead. Wire-wrapping the beads makes the rosary unbreakable under normal use.

The PATER beads are large clear crystal beads with a banding of carnival glass around the middle. It is impossible to photograph these without capturing the beautiful sparkle of these beads. Each PATER bead is wire wrapped and then wrapped again to secure it to the AVE beads.

The matching crucifix and center are made of rhodium with an enameled center of pale lavendar.

This entire rosary is made to be tarnish resistant. The wire used is coated to prevent tarnish, and rhodium does not tarnish at all!

This is a super durable rosary and can be used for years and handed down to the next generation., Even though the wire wrapping is nearly unbreakable, the beads can crack if dropped on tile or other hard surfaces. If you should accidently crack a bead please contact me as I keep extra on hand.

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