Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rosary Repair by Unbreakable Rosaries


I think I get more enjoyment out of repairing old rosaries than I do creating new ones. Something about bringing new life to a rosary that's been so well loved that it's almost in pieces just makes me feel so ...useful.  

The original construction on the above rosary was chain link.  When that gave out the owner opted for knotted cord, which seems to have held up better than chain link but is starting to stretch a bit.  It came to me last week for wire-wrapping.  It was missing one of the blue beads and several of the others were damaged, so I replaced the Pater beads with clear, faceted Czech glass.  How does it look?


For rosary repair, as well as new rosaries, chaplets and bracelets please visit my shop at UnbreakableRosaries.com.

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