Saturday, March 8, 2014

Robert's Heirloom Rosaries presents- "The New Spring Line" of devotionals

For the next week I will be featuring the new "RIGHT OFF THE BEAD BOARD" devotionals for this spring.


The Aves and Pater Nosters are 8 and 12 MM Natural AAA Grade Azurite Chrysocolla. Blues and Greens are the colors of Ireland. The entire rosary is made of solid bronze.

The rosary center is a portrait of Saint Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland. There is room on the back for initials or inscription. The Crucifix used on this rosary is the Irish Penal Crucifix. During the time of Irish persecution the faithful could shoot this crucifix up there sleeve to hide it from the soldiers. This crucifix is loaded with symbols of the passion Of Our Lord. On the front- Inscription, crown of thorns, hammer, cords, ladder, chalice, five wounds, spear and bowl. On the reverse- Nails, rooster and pot. The rosary center and crucifix are antique museum pieces that have been recast so we can continue to enjoy this pieces of art from past centuries.

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This is considered an “unbreakable rosary.” -as each bead is individually wire wrapped and should never come apart. However- dropping it on a hard surface may crack the beads. You should always take great care of this sacramental. TO TAKE THE PICTORIAL TOUR OF MANY CUSTOM DESIGNED DEVOTIONALS VISIT THE GALLERY- here is the link:  click here

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