Friday, March 21, 2014

Robert's Heirloom Rosaries- presents- Rosary of The Sacred Heart Of Jesus & Mary

Unbreakable single Decade Rosary of The Sacred Heart of Jesus & Mary

These are each single decade rosaries- meant to be carried in the pocket or purse.

This single decade rosary- Pater Noster is a 12 MM Black High Gloss Agate capped in Cobblestone Bead Caps. The Aves are 10 MM Ocen Jasper. Ocen Jasper comes in many colors and makes for a gorgeous devotional. The connectors are 5 MM Natural Sheep Horn. The hanging medal is a beautiful medal with the full portrait of the Sacred Heart Of Jesus on one side and the Virgin Mary on the other side. The Celtic ring on the opposite end is so that you can move it from one finger to the next in order to keep track of the decades.  additional photos- click here

This is considered an “unbreakable rosary.” -as each bead is individually wire wrapped and should never come apart. However- dropping it on a hard surface may crack the beads. You should always take great care of this sacramental.

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