Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Catholic Rosary, St. Michael in Bronze

The deep royal blue beads are genuine Lapiz semi-precious beads. They are 8mm and used as AVE beads. Each bead is then wrapped twice and attached to the next bead with 20 ga antique bronze wire. This ensures that your rosary will last forever.

The Pater beads are gorgeous 14mm royal blue cloisonne beads. These are some of the prettiest cloissone painted beads of this size that I have found. Each Pater bead is wrapped and then attached to a small bicone crystal which is then wrapped to the Ave beads. This is a continuous 5-decade Catholic Rosary of heirloom quality.

The cross is very decorative and the St. Michael centerpiece is large and gorgeous. There is an additional Eucharist medal attached. 

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