Monday, June 29, 2015

Catholic Rosary, Mexican agate, bronze components

The gorgeous AVE beads are Mexican agate and 8mm. Ivory is the background,and you will find brown and red veins running and swirling through them. They also have a beautiful shine to them!

The OUR FATHER beads are large faceted globes of red agate with it's swirls of brown and black. They have bead caps on each end and an ivory cathedral bead for accent.

The lovely crucifix is very detailed, and the large center shows Mary. The attached medal is also a silhouette of Mary. These three items are bronze and have been cleaned and polished for you. They will eventually develop a patina which many people like. If you don't like the patina a jewelers polishing cloth will keep them looking brand new.

I wire wrap every bead in 20 gauge wire and attach it to the next bead. The swirl around each bead makes a "cage" for the bead to keep it safe and still while you pray. This wire wrapping technique is time consuming, but will provide you an heirloom rosary that will last to be handed down.

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