Friday, June 26, 2015


Assorted glass beads, rustic in color, looking like beads from ancient days became the Aves (Hail Marys) in this new Rosary. The Paters (Our Fathers) are antiqued Copper beads.
Separating the Aves are fine Pipestone, a stone common in the upper midwest, and held as Sacred for Many Native American tribes. Pipes used in Religious ceremonies were frequently made of this soft brown rock
The original idea for this Rosary was to make a Southwestern Rosary using the antiqued Paters for their Turquoise coloration, but when I saw them against the bag of multi shaped and sized beads, the Rosary just designed itself, and everything fell into place.
The Cross is drop dead beautiful--heavy, polished to perfectioh. A small, bronze Crucifix can be added like a medal, from the center for those of you who wish to obtain the numerous indulgences available to those with a Rosary with Crucifix. There is no charge to add it in. Simply leave me a note when you order. 
The cable is strong, 49-strand Stainless steel wire with a 40# test weight. to prevent breakage under normal conditions. 
The Rosary is 19" long. It will be a bit stiff when it arrives. Over a short time, and with use, it becomes softer as the cable relaxes slightly.
As always, this Rosary will come boxed in silver and in a beaded Organza bag.