Thursday, September 24, 2015

Beautiful grade AA yellow tiger eye make up the AVE beads in this rosary. They are 6 mm beads with no inclusions. Beautiful!! They are actually the color of butterscotch.

The Pater beads match the AVES and have bead caps at each end and a small accent bead. The rosary is completely wire wrapped so that each bead is wrapped and attached too the next. This gives you an indestructible rosary that can become a heirloom.

The crucifix and center are solid bronze. There is a small Miraculous cross attached at the first decade. Both have been polished and appear more golden than bronze right now. As the components tarnish they turn rosy and then develop a green patina. You will have to decide how you like it best. A little oil on the medals will keep them from tarnishing.

If and when they DO tarnish, use a soft polishing clothe or soap and water. Do not use a cleaner as they may damage the beads. Remember that the gemstones will break, so avoid dropping them on hard surfaces.

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