Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fabulous Lepidolite in solid Sterling Silver at

These beautiful and unique purple  beads exemplify the best in Lepidolite--rich hues of purple from grape to lilac, and a crystalized bead structure that gives the beads a goldstone-like sparkle.  Opalescent purple seed beads and AA quality 4mm Amethyst spacers enhance the color.
The  Our Fathers are very special--Bali beads with AA Amethyst cabochons (flat back beads) in Sterling Silver.
Crucifix, (with the traditional 'drop of blood' at the foot of the Cross)Blessed Virgin Mary center and  and Mary with Jesus, Lion of Judah medal have been hand cast in solid Sterling from the original antiques, and buffed to a high shine.
Length is 20 inches.
This is a cabled (strung) Rosary, strung on strong, 49-strand Stainless steel wire with a 40# test weight -- a sturdy cable to work with. Connections were also double crimped.
As always, this Rosary will come ready for presentation, boxed in silver and in a beaded Organza bag.

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