Sunday, October 3, 2010

Respect Life Sunday

Today, Oct. 3, 2010, is celebrated as Respect Life Sunday.

Respect Life Sunday is a prayerful way to focus our lives on the greatest gift of all – the gift of life given to us by God.

Life is sacred, and we often forget that in God’s eyes this extends to all life from conception until natural death. Respect Life Sunday prepares us to reflect on the sanctity of life throughout October and the year. It is celebrated annually on the first Sunday in October.

For the month of October, Blessings by Sisters Studio is offering free shipping on two styles of our Sanctity of Life chaplets. These chaplets offer a unique way to pray for the promotion of the Sanctity of Life in your life and the world. The special prayers, written exclusively for the chaplet, use the life of Jesus to highlight the sacredness and importance of all life.

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The Rosary Works said...

What an inspiring message, and so beautifully written. I love your sanctity of life chaplets also.