Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Garnet and Silver at HeartFeltRosaries


Glorious gem-quality Garnet pairs with an equal-arm Cross in solid Sterling Silver. I was told this is called the Redemptorist Cross, but I have not been able to confirm that--perhaps you know and can contact me?
The Garnet is 5-6mm, clear, with hints of pink raspberry.  The Our Fathers are 11x13mm oval Bali bead with perfect garnet cabochons front and back.  These beads are handmade in indonesia and are smooth and silky.  Another Bali bead, a 4mm tube is accented with small Garnet rounds.
This is a substantial Rosary, nearly 3oz in weight.  It is a pleasure to pray, smooth and silky, with a lovely 'feel' in the hand.
Each Hail Mary is looped, then double wrapped on each end, then swirled across the bead and wrapped once more for a connection so durable it is guaranteed against breakage for life. Period.
As always, it will arrive boxed in silver and in a lovely velvet and organza beaded gift bag.

Layaway available.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Mother of Sorrows Rosary with Labradorite and Onyx from Holy Name Rosaries

The focal point of this rosary is the contemporary style center honoring Our Mother of Sorrows. This stylized center accentuates our Blessed Mother's sorrow. The reverse side of the center, honors the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Complimenting this center is the contemporary crucifix. Both pieces are made of silver colored metal. The Pater beads are 10mm black Labradorite beads. These beads have nice fire when held under bright light. the 6mm black onyx Hail Mary beads are a nice match for the labradorite Pater beads.  Please click here to learn more about this rosary and please visit my shop, Holy Name Rosaries, to see more of my wire wrapped, unbreakable rosaries.

Monday, October 20, 2014

This little chaplet has a beautiful medal of St. Anne that has been reproduced from a museum piece for us to enjoy.

The chaplet itself dates back to 1875 and is the source of a great number of favors both spiritual and temporal.

The beads are gemstones, and the Our Father beads are lampwork beads. The entire rosary, all the beads, have been wire wrapped in bronze 20 gauge wire that has been treated to resist tarnish.

The beautiful bronze medal depicts St. Anne and has a lace-like border. It has been polished, but you can allow it to develop a patina if you wish. It can be cleaned with a soft jewelers cloth.

Free shipping in the US.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Most Precious Blood of Jesus Rosary Chaplet In Red by Unbreakable Rosaries

A Most Precious Blood of Jesus rosary chaplet in cranberry red Czech glass.  Click here for instructions on how to pray this chaplet.
All of my wire wrapped rosaries - should they break during normal prayer - may be returned at any time for free repairs. You'll never need to buy another rosary.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Miraculous Medal Rosary Bracelet In Blue Millefiori Glass by Unbreakable Rosaries

Blue Millefiori glass paired with a Miraculous Medal and a Sorrows crucifix.

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Catholic rosary, Miraculous, White Turquoise and Deep Blue Cloissone Beads

This rosary has been made by using 8mm white turquoise or howlite as the AVE beads and wrapping each one with gold 20 gauge wire and attaching it to the next bead. The gold wire has been treated to resist tarnish.

Cloissone beads are beads with thin metal strips attached and then enamel is filled in the spaces to create a beautiful and one of a kind bead. The Pater (Our Father) beads are dark blue cloissone beads that are about 14mm. They too are individually wire wrapped only in a configuration of beads including bead caps and crystals for decoration.

The crucifix and Miraculous center are uniquely finished brass that is antiqued and finished. The result is a beautiful antique gold color. 

Wire wrapping guarantees a rosary that will not break under normal use. It can be cleaned with a jewelry polishing clothe. The beads in this rosary can be cleaned also, but please do not drop on a hard surface such as kitchen tile because they are stones and can break.

Feel free to ask questions if you have them. Free shipping in the US.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Teal Blue Apatite in a gorgeous New Rosary at!

Just Listed--Apatite with it's striking teal color in Bronze with cafe-au-lait Mother of Pearl, Czech glass spacers, and Lapis Lazuli accents--

This new cable (strung on wire cable) Rosary highlights the beautiful, teal blue Apatite. The plump, 8mm Aves are intensely blue-green, and separated by small teal rondelles of Czech glass. The Paters are 12mm faceted cafe-au-lait Mother of Pearl--and just as an accent, the Paters are flanked with Lapis Lazuli rondelles.
The Crucifix, Scapular medal center, and St Christopher medal are solid Bronze, hand cast right here in the USA by a skilled artisan from the antique originals. The St Christopher medal is of French origin, and states on the back,' I am Catholic. In case of sickness or serious accident, please call a priest.'
The larger than traditional beads are smooth and a pleasure to pray.
Length 19 1/2".
As always, this Rosary will arrived ready for presentation--boxed in silver and in a gorgeous velvet and organza beaded bag!


This is a one decade Catholic Rosary made with multi-color tigers eye beads. The colors are beautiful and include red, blue and yellow 10 mm beads. Each AVE bead is individually wrapped with gold 20 gauge wire that is copper based and has an anti-tarnish finish.

I made the beads in this rosary a little larger for hands that have problems praying with tiny rosary beads. This would be nice for a man too, because it can be carried in the pocket and prayed anytime.

The beautiful crucifix depicts the Holy family, and the medal on the other end is Mary and Joseph.

The Pater bead is one 14mm yellow tigers eye followed with bronze bead caps and wrapped completely. Before and after the Pater bead is a crystal for decoration.

This one decade rosary is a nice size for a lot of people. Consider giving it as a gift to someone or for yourself to keep in your pocket or purse.

Free shipping.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Aquamarine Rosary Bracelet at!

Just listed at --

Using up some lovely Aquamarine left over from a Rosary--this features large, 8mm Aves separated by teal Czech Glass spacers. There are 4 Pewter hearts and a 10mm Japanese Tensha bead Our Father. The closure is an extra strong magnet. Wire guardians on each end of the magnet protect the cable from rubbing against the metal eyes and fraying.
NOTE when you receive the bracelet, it will be very stiff! That's because I pulled the cable very tight--the cable will relax and lengthen slightly over a couple of weeks. By pulling it tight , the beads will have a bit of breathing room without making a gap of open cable. The more you wear it the more flexible it will become.
This bracelet will fit most wrists. It is 7 3/4", including the magnetic closure.
Only two available with this focal (Our Father) bead.
As always, this bracelet will come in a lovely beaded bag, ready for presentation.
Thanks and Blessings+

Thursday, October 9, 2014

New at HeartFelt Rosaries!

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Offering today a new Aquamarine Rosary---it is a cable (strung on cable wire) Rosary with White Jade Our Fathers capped in Silver plated bali beads and wafers of Czech Glass.
The plump, 8mm Aquamarines Hail Marys are separated with Pewter spacers. The Miraculous Medal center and wreathed Crucifix are also Pewter.
There is a small Divine Mercy medal dangling from the center.
Length is approx. 21 inches.
The Rosary will seem stiff when you first use it--I have pulled it very tight so that as the wire relaxes over the next couple of weeks it will add minimal length to the Rosary.
The Rosary is carefully crimpt for durability, and wire guardians were used to stop the cable from fraying and breaking where it connects to the center and Crucifix.
As always, it will come ready for presentation--boxed in silver and in a gorgeous, beaded gift bag. Instructions included.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mother of Sorrows Blue Goldstone Rosary by

In this rosary Our Mother of Sorrows is comforted by midnight blue beads that have flecks of metal that sparkle like the stars in the night sky. The Aves are 8mm blue goldstone beads. The term goldstone is actually a misnomer because it is not a stone. It is actually dark blue transparent glass that copper and silver foil flecks have been mixed into. The result is a beautiful, sparkly bead that dances in the light. I've have tried my best to capture the sparkly nature of these beads, but sadly the sparkles look like white specs in the beads. The Pater Beads are 15mm x 15mm filigree heart beads comprised of silver colored metal

The lead free pewter center honors our Mother of Sorrows and has a Pieta on the reverse side. The crucifix is also lead free pewter and the hearts on the ends of each arm of the cross echo the heart shaped Our Father beads.   Please click here to learn more about this rosary and please visit my shop, Holy Name Rosaries to see more of my unbreakable rosaries .

Monday, September 29, 2014

Angelic Crown Rosary Chaplet In Honor of St Michael and The Nine Choirs of Angels by Unbreakable Rosaries

Angelic Crown chaplet in honor of St Michael and the nine choirs of angels. This is made with amazonite and white magnesite. Visit this site for the history of the chaplet as well as prayer instructions.

All of my wire wrapped rosaries - should they break during normal prayer - may be returned at any time for free repairs. You'll never need to buy another rosary.

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