Sunday, August 6, 2017

St Therese Relic Rosary Blue with Pink Roses by The Rosary Works

 The Hail Mary beads in this beautiful rosary are 8mm faceted Denim Lapis Lazuli. These multi-facted beads sparkle and dance in the light. The variegated blue beads range from very light blue to extremely dark blue. The Our Father beads are 12mm white porcelain with big, splashy pink roses on them. The roses are accented by a tiny blue flower which ties them in nicely with the blue Hail Mary beads.

The silver colored center honors St Therese, often called "The Little Flower".   Because of this, the center shows her surrounded by the petals of a rose which is the flower most commonly associated with her. The reverse side of the center has a relic from St Therese's coffin. Surrounding the relic are the words "Earth. St Therese's Coffin 1910". The crucifix is also made from silver colored metal. While I absolutely guarantee the construction of this rosary, I can not guarantee the beads because I didn't make them. Because of the size and weight of the beads, this is a nice substantial rosary with a good weight and length it. This rosary would make a wonderful gift or would be great to keep for yourself.  Please click here to learn more about this rosary  and please visit my shop: The Rosary Works to see more of my unbreakable rosaries and rosary bracelets.

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