Monday, October 26, 2009

Orthodox 33 Bead Chotkis - Jesus Prayer Beads

The Chotki is an Eastern Orthodox form of Christian prayer beads. The above Chotkis, made by our Etsy Rosary Guild Team members, consist of 33 beads, symbolizing the years or Christ's mortal life on earth.

Chotkis are also known as Jesus Prayer Beads, because the Jesus Prayer--"Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner"--is traditionally prayed on each bead. This prayer is taken from the parable of the publican (tax collector) found in Luke 18:10-14. For this reason, the Chotki is also called a "Publican."

The Jesus Prayer is also known as The Silent Breath Prayer or Prayer of the Heart. More on that later...

You can find these and other Chotkis for sale at the following member Etsy Shop's links:

Blue's Christian Prayer Beads
Laude Arts and Gifts
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Laude Arts & Gifts said...

Thank you for including my Chotki in this post. The Jesus Prayer is a very moving, peace filled prayer that can lead to deep contemplation.
Laude Arts and Gifts

prayer bedes said...

I agree Laude Arts. I have stating using the first three small beads of my 5 Decade Rosary (Dominican Rosary) to pray The Jesus Prayer. Followed by the Glory be.. it has been a blessing in my spiritual walk.