Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Member Meet & Greet - Mary of Graceful Rosaries

by Mary
from FredericksburgVA 

How did you get started making rosaries? 
Since I was a child, I  always had a desire to make rosaries.  For a short while, I made corded rosaries for the military.  Then, 8 years ago, my son received a Flexible Wire Strung rosary for his First Holy Communion.   I really liked its look and construction….and over time, I became more and more impressed with how strong it was!  As soon as I learned to make these rosaries I was hooked.  I really love the creativity that a wire strung rosary allows.

How has your faith played a role in your rosary making?
I believe that the rosary is the most powerful prayer next to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  For this reason, I am so happy to have a part in making rosaries and encouraging others in this prayer.  It is something I feel ‘called’ to do, at this point in my life.

What is your relationship to the Blessed Mother?
I was named, Mary, after the Blessed Mother and I feel this is one reason to have a special relationship with her. She is my mother and a model for me. I feel she is very close to us especially when we pray.  When I was a teenager, my siblings and I would pray the rosary in front of an immense painting of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.  One evening, a light came down and fixed directly upon her heart. It set Our Ladies heart aglow and pulsated off and on for about 15 seconds as we prayed.  It was so very natural (as the sun was setting) yet it was clearly supernatural for we could not tell exactly where it came from, why it alighted in that spot or why we never saw it again. Not all of my siblings were looking up, so some were not meant to see it.  But this experience was a gift to me…a special sign of Our Ladies presence with us.

Where do you see your rosary business going?
The funny thing about making rosaries, is that most people start out of love for the rosary, with no plans for a business.  I love making them so much, that I started the business so I can always have an excuse to make one.  Where this leads me, I cannot say.  It is in the hands of Our Lady.

Are there any new things you'd like to make? 
Yes, I would love to make Catholic jewelry.  Any jewelry that brings our minds toward God has a double beauty!

Share a special rosary story of one that you sold/gave away:
One day I ordered some blue beads intending them for a woman’s rosary. When they arrived I did not like them at all.  They were a grey blue, and I could not imagine how to make them look more beautiful.   Then after several months, I realized that they would make a much better man’s rosary because the beads were a military color of blue. I thought of a fellow in my parish who was in the process of becoming a deacon.  He had recently retired from many years of service in the military. I continued my choices of beads, and medals as I prayed for him and thought of what he might like. Several days later, I donated several rosaries to an auction to raise money for Mary’s Shelter for unwed mothers.  After the auction, I discovered that the prospective deacon who I prayed for while making that rosary, was the one who bought it!  He later told me that he had tons of rosaries but this one drew him to it.  That experience sent shivers down my spine.  I realized then that God had always intended that rosary for that man, the angels helped me make the right choices for him.  It firmly convinced me that this is a work that has effects far beyond what I will ever know. (This Blue Adventurine rosary has since become a favorite of mine and one that I remade for my shop!)

Give one reason why someone should buy your handmade rosary over a rosary purchased in a store. 
The story of the Blue Adventurine Rosary shows how a rosary made with a prayer has a spiritual connection to its recipient from the start!  It is more then the sum of its parts, because someone has made it with love!


Sarah Harkins said...

Mary, I just saw that you posted this- what a beautiful testimony of your faith and your rosary business. I especially like the story of the rosary for the military Deacon!

Laude Arts and Gifts said...


What an inspiring story. Thank you for sharing it with us.