Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Member Meet & Greet - Yolanda of Dragonfly Dreams

Yolanda Cullagh
Dragonfly Dreams @ C-Wings Books
Where I live/grew up:
I live in Hernando, MS, but I grew up in North Louisiana.   

Wife, mother of 4 and grandmother of 1

How did you get started making rosaries?
Initially, all of my work was inspired by my Dragonfly Dreams Series of children’s booksEach story is about a different dragonfly and his/her adventure.  So everything in my shop had wings – jewelry, prints, and t-shirts.  Then I was led to create the rosaries, but spent a year trying to figure out how to include dragonflies.  They are symbolic of the cross since they have to keep their wings extended straight out, one of the things I love about dragonflies.   My rosaries are 5 decade Catholic rosaries; however, I hand paint Catholic/Christian symbols on the Crucifixes and Centerpieces which are carved bone dragonflies. 

New items I am making:
My newest venture includes rosaries with wire wrapped Crucifixes and the wooden Madonna and Child bracelets. 

My faith:
I grew up in the Catholic church and went to Catholic school from K-12.  I am a practicing Catholic.  Still, I have an appreciation for many spiritual avenues and am always interested in the ways God reaches each of usWe are all different, and He is the most creative One of all.

My relationship to the Blessed Mother:
I have always had a respect of the Blessed Mother, but in the last 5 years Mary, Jesus, many prayers, saints and Catholic traditions have taken on a new much deeper meaning. 

Where do I see my rosary business going?
I am not sure where my rosary business is going.  If you would have asked me 4 years ago when I published my first book, I would have asked you “what rosaries?”  I just don’t feel like I can take the credit for any of my work.  Yes, I have crafted every single item in my shop, but I have been inspired, guided and gifted in everything I’ve made. 

One of my good rosary stories:
One of my most memorable sales was a rosary inspired by Easter and was made with pink vintage beads.  I chose the butterfly since it is a symbol of the resurrection.  What made this so special is that it was purchased for a little girl making her First Holy Communion.  The little girl’s mother had died of breast cancer just a few months prior, and the “pink” rosary would be a special gift/keepsake from her mother’s dear friend. 

I think it is so interesting how we have one thing in mind when we are creating, but our beads manage to reach people for very different reasons.

Why should someone purchase my rosary over a mass produced rosary?
I think someone should purchase my rosaries because each one is absolutely unique to all the others, and crafted with so much love and prayer. 


Laude Arts and Gifts said...

What a great story, Yolanda. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

I have always loved your dragonfly rosaries and have been just a teensy, weensy bit envious in wishing I had thought of that! Can't wait to see what you come up with next. :)

Todd said...

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Sarah Harkins said...

Wonderful meet and greet! Thank you for sharing! I love the story of the pink rosary!