Sunday, August 29, 2010

New to Etsy Rosary Guild Team

Hi Everyone! This is my first ever, ever blog entry. I hope to be making lots of pretty rosaries in the future. I just posted five new ones yesterday, and I hope to improve on my artwork every time I make a new rosary.

I'd like to share the first rosary that I sold on Etsy - before I joined the team. This traditional Catholic Rosary has for its Pater beads teal colored jaspers and for the Ave beads, blue-green quartz. The rosary centerpiece is an image of a painting of Madonna and Child. The image is centered in a vintage cabachon, I used resin to preserve the image. The centerpiece and cabachon with painting is my original idea and, God willing, I hope to make it my specialty.

Thank you everyone for allowing me to join the Team. I have simply enjoyed viewing all the stunning rosaries on Etsy.

Susan -


Sarah Harkins said...

Welcome to the guild!

Laude Arts and Gifts said...

Hi Susan,

What a beautiful rosary. Congrats on your first blog entry. I made my first ever blog entry on this blog too. Welcome to our group.


15 Promises said...

It's a gorgeous rosary! Welcome to the Guild and good luck with Etsy sales! We all enjoy each other and I've learned a lot from other members. Thanks for posting. Debbie

Julie said...

Welcome to the guild Susan. Very pretty rosary....God bless.