Friday, October 15, 2010

The Rosary and its Meditative Gift to our Souls

In today’s world of Heroes and Heroines, I would like to offer the idea that St. Teresa of Avila, Doctor of the Church and contemplative Carmelite nun, is a true heroine of our souls, with God’s grace.  It is also true that St. Teresa was very active in the life of the Carmelite order in a time of turmoil; she founded new monasteries, traveled, and is known for her many writings. It is this contemplative side of St. Teresa that is so appealing to me. 

During the struggles that she endured, she clung to God in life and in prayer.  Her writings share a glimpse of her mystical and glorious prayer life, so that others may perhaps share in the beauty of what lies in the deepest recesses of prayer.

How do we look at praying the rosary?   Is it a joy?   A struggle?  Or just another step on the climb to holiness – checked off the list on a daily basis?  It can take some time - no doubt.   What am I doing if I am wondering if I even have the spare 20 minutes or, “maybe I can get it done in 15”.    Unfortunately, while prayer is always a good thing, I think we are missing the point if this is our impression.  Many people look at it as just an archaic tool of “counting prayers” and “lining up novenas”.   Sadly, this interpretation is also a misunderstanding.

Embracing the meditative gifts of the mysteries, allows us to quiet ourselves and spend time with God; to experience the joy of Gabriel speaking to Mary, and her “yes”, hold Jesus in our arms,  desire to bandage the wounds from the scourging, feel the thorns of His crown, or pray for the gifts of the descending Holy Spirit .    In the midst of quiet meditation on the mysteries of the rosary, our souls are engaged in a relationship with Christ Jesus our Lord, God the Father, and the Holy Spirit, in a language of understanding, gratitude, love, and mercy. 

What a gift to our souls the rosary is, with each decade, we can bring to prayer a meditation on a different aspect of our Lord’s life and salvation history. 

by Mary

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prayer bedes said...

What beautiful and thoughtful words on the Rosary and prayer. The Rosary is truly is a gift that can help us enter into the presence God and his unconditional love for us. It reminds me that that is the true mystery. Maybe that is why the meditations are called mysteries. (I never thought of it that way before.)

Thank you, Mary!