Saturday, November 13, 2010

Onyx, Ruby, & Sterling Silver St. Benedict Pocket Rosary from 15 Promises

Onyx, Ruby, and Sterling Silver Fleur de Lis St. Benedict Pocket Rosary
This pocket rosary has a beautiful sterling silver fleur de lis center and crucifix set. The fleur de lis is an ancient symbol of Mary's purity and has always been associated with the Trinity. Semi-precious 8mm onyx comprise the decade and is the stone of the Apostle St. James and the Archangel Gabriel, our beloved messenger to Mary. A faceted precious ruby rondelle flanked by Swarovski jet crystals and silver-tone spacers is the Pater bead set. Ruby is the traditional birthstone of July. A small round St. Benedict sterling silver medal is double-sided and is attached to the crucifix. St. Benedict's feast day is celebrated July 11th. This is a 15 Promises Heritage Rosary. 15 Promises Rosaries Etsy Shop

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