Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Robert's Heirloom Rosaries, Rosary Of The Queen Of Peace

Rosary Of The Queen Of Peace, Heirloom Quality

This rosary is made with a number of significant pieces. The Aves are 8 MM and made of Fossil Stone. The Pater Nosters are a beautiful shade of Forest Green Jade Rondelles in 12 MM. The entire rosary is made of solid bronze. The first Pater Noster is a skull. A skull was a very popular piece on a nuns waist rosary. The skull is a reminder and symbol of our mortality, much like ashes on Ash Wednesday. The skull is made of OX Bone.

The rosary center is a beautiful piece of our Lady The Queen Of Peace. This rosary is made of solid bronze. The rosary center and crucifix are antique museum pieces that have been recast. For more info and additional photos click here.

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