Sunday, April 17, 2011

Just Listed at HeartFelt Rosaries!

A Rosary for those with a special devotion to Saint Francis of Assisi--

Rosey Poppy Jasper, with its mahogany tones, pairs with warm bronze in this traditional sized Rosary.
The Crucifix is the replica of the one in the chapel of San Damiano, where Francis prayed. It was a broken down chapel, and while in prayer, the blessed Saint heard the Lord say, 'Francis, repair my Church, which you can see is in ruin.'  At first, Francis thought he was to repair the run down chapel--but he soon realized our Lord had greater things in mind--the reformation of Holy Mother Church herself!
This Rosary is guaranteed unbreakable because of its wire wrapping, and will make an ideal pocket Rosary for daily use.
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