Friday, May 6, 2011

Robert's Heirloom Rosaries- Chaplet Of St. Rita- Patron St. of Seemingly Lost Causes- Just Listed!

This chaplet is extra ordinary. It is made with 14 MM Hand Painted Pink Roses on a Pearl background and 7 MM Freshwater Pearls. This chaplet is just dripping with hand made Bali .925 Sterling Silver. The 2 sided medal is magnificent! It is a very heavy piece of silver. On one side is a portrait of St. Rita kneeling in prayer. Below her portrait it says in Spanish- "Saint Rita, Rogan Por Nostros", which translates to "Saint Rita, Pray For Us". On the opposite side of the medal is a portrait of Christ after the scourging when he is crowned with thorns. Around this portrait is written in Spanish and translates to, "Look at me you spend your account, if you can my wounds, !Oh Boy! How bad I pay the blood spill!" This chaplet is just astounding!

The beautiful rosary center is the Dove Of The Holy Spirit descending down upon Christ and Saint Rita. For more info and photos click here.

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