Thursday, October 6, 2011

St. Benedict Rosary at Laude Arts and Gifts

St. Benedict was born in the fifth century to a wealthy family. In his early 20's, he forsook his wealth and life of ease to dedicate his life to God. His holiness became well known and he was invited to join a monastic order. His rule was too aesthetic for the order and the monks tried to get rid of him by poisoning him. Needless to say, they were unsuccessful in their attempt. He later went on to reform monasticism. To this day, his Rule is followed in Benedictine communities all over the world. His medal brings God's blessing to its owner and is a protection against evil.

The Paters in this rosary are 60 year old vintage twisted lampwork beads from Japan. They are beautiful beads, but they remind me of bite sized pieces of licorice. :) The are complimented beautifully by the AvĂ© beads which are 8mm white turquoise. White turquoise is also known as howlite. The crucifix is silver colored metal with black enamel and the center is lead free pewter. This striking rosary would be a great gift for a man or a woman. It would also be great to keep for yourself!   Please click here to learn more about this rosary, and please click here to view my store and more of my handcrafted rosaries.

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