Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Robert's Heirloom Rosaries- Chaplet Of The Tears Of Blood

This is the Chaplet Of The Tears Of Blood

Pray the Rosary of the Tears of Blood and spread its devotion. The devil is put to flight when it is said.

“Crucified Jesus, prostrate at Thy feet, we offer Thee the tears of blood of Her, who with devotional sympathetic love accompanied Thee on Thy painful way to Calvary. Grant, O good Master, that we take to heart the lessons which the blood-stained tears of Thy most holy Mother taught us, so that we may fulfill Thy holy will on earth and become worthy to praise and bless Thee in Heaven for all eternity. Amen.”

Construction and facts about your Rosary Chaplet.

This Chaplet is made with-

10mm RED Fire Chinese Agate and 8MM Hand Carved Natural Semi Precious Ocean Coral. This chaplet is just dripping with .925 BALI Sterling Silver. Medal of Our Lady Of Mercy is thick and heavy. The connectors are beautiful 4MM Swovorski Red Ruby Bicone Crystals. This chaplet rosary is gorgeous and just glides through the hand.

The beautiful rosary center depicts the Sacred Heart Of Jesus. The beautiful medal of Our Lady Of Mercy add the final touches to this beautiful devotional sacramental.

This is considered an “unbreakable rosary.” -as each bead is individually wire wrapped and should never come apart. However- dropping it on a hard surface may crack the beads. You should always take great care of this sacramental.

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