Thursday, April 26, 2012

Catholic Rosary in Beautiful Autumn Jasper

Beautiful autumn jasper beads make up the AVE beads in this rosary. These are 8mm beads in beautiful mingled colors of rust, cream and green. Each AVE bead is wrapped in 0 gauge German wire with two and a half wraps at the end of each bead.

The PATER beads are plump pumpkin shaped beads of translucent quartz in a very pale color of butterscotch. Each Pater bead is followed by a bicone crystal and all three beads are wire wraped together. The bead caps used on the PATER beads are antique gold in color.

The crucifix on this rosary is antique gold in color and the center, which is a miraculous center, is bright gold in color.

Wire wrapping a rosary makes it unbreakable under normal use. Each bead is wire wrapped and attached to the next with a loop and then a wrap. This rosary is considered an Heirloom rosary that can be passed down to the next generation.  View this and other rosaries at;

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