Sunday, July 15, 2012

Robert's Heirloom Rosaries- Rosary Of The catholic Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rider- Newly Listed!

Unbreakable Rosary- COPPER COLLECTION- Rosary Of The Catholic Harley Davidson Motorcycle Rider

New Listing!

This is a very unique rosary and is made with a number of significant pieces. The Aves are 8 MM Natural LAVA ROCK/STONE. The Pater Nosters are gorgeous 12 MM Orange Ocean Coral and Black Lava Rock.. The entire rosary is made of solid COPPER. The real beauty of Copper is it looks like Rose Gold.

This rosary is reminiscence of riding your bike to the East or West Coast Ocean. Coral grows on Lava Rock on the ocean floor. You'll notice a small Medium Blue Crazy Lace Agate stone just above the crucifix. This Blue Stone represents the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Blue Waters of the Ocean. The large rosary center of the Sacred Heart Of Jesus and Crucifix have had a dark patena applied to give it that rugged yet elegant look. The rosary center and crucifix are antique museum pieces that have been recast so we can continue to enjoy and pray with these wonderful pieces of past centuries. Pulling off along the side of the road to rest and say the rosary would make for a glorious ride in the countryside. Any catholic Harley Rider, man or woman would just love to carry this rosary in their pocket.

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