Friday, August 31, 2012

Catholic Rosary with Botswana Agate and Antique Bronze

Beautiful earth tones of brown, grey, taupe and white in 8mm beads make up the AVE beads on this 5 decade Catholic rosary. Each AVE bead is followed by two antique bronze seed beads.

The Pater beads are large round coffee agate in milk chocolate brown and white. They are highlighted by antique bali-like bead caps and more bronze seed beads.

The crucifix on this rosary is done in antique bronze that has been coated with a sealer so it will not lose it's color. The matching center is a Miraculous center called "garden gate" and is done in the same material.

This rosary would be very suitable for either a man or a woman because of it's beautiful earth tone colors.

A satin pouch is enclosed for storage.  View this and other rosaries at:

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