Sunday, January 26, 2014

New at HearFelt Rosaries!

New Rosary Bracelets at !
From top left, they are:  Purple charoite in bronze; lapis and silver plate bead; Chinese turquoise with elaborate Pater; Swarovski Pearl and horizontal Cross; Pearl and lamp glass; And Tourmaline and horizontal cross. 

$20 apiece at

I have been questioned about how I can offer expensive beads like the Tourmaline and Charoite for such a low price--well, I am using beads left over from Rosaries.  The Rosary price adequately covers the price of the beads--and I use the remaining few beads for these bracelets.  Not everyone can afford the wire wrap Rosaries, but most can give $20 for a very nice bracelet--my way of giving back.
Hope to see you at the shop!

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