Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mary Queen of Heaven Catholic Rosary

The lovely center of this rosary depicts Mary Queen of Heaven. The blue agate has been fired in a kiln so that it has cracked and has this lovely blue and white color. Each 8mm blue agate AVE is completely wire wrapped and attached to the next one with 20 gauge wire that is copper core, and fine silver plated. The wire has a non tarnish coating on it to protect.

The Our Father beads are large rounds of white jade. On each side of the round is a bead cap and then a small light blue Czech bead for accent.

The crucifix is large to match the center. This is a lovely rosary to give to a friend,m use as a get-well gift, or just keep to pass down to your children. The wire wrapping insures this rosary will not come apart. I guarantee my work.

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