Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New Nun's Habit Rosary Chaplet at HeartFeltRosaries.com!


This genuine antique Nun's Habit Crucifix Makes this one-decade Rosary Chaplet, often called a 'tenner' very special indeed!  It came to me through a trusted antique dealer who specializes in Catholic collectables, and to her through the family of a Canadian Nun now long gone.

The Chaplet Aves are 9mm Swarovski Pearls in Platinum tone separated with small silver plate spacers and Swarovski Crystal Rondelles in purple/pink tones.

A big Bali Hollow Silver bead serves as the Pater, and the Chaplet ends with a large pewter Miraculous Medal.

Keep it in the car and say a quick decade on your way to work--or by your easy chair or bed.  It is sturdily made and will happily reside in a purse.--but I do not recommend it for a pocket as there is a lot of wear and tear going on in a pocket!  Or at your desk at work--there are always a few minutes to honor Our Lady  and bring you closer to her Son, Jesus.

Despite its delicate appearance, this is a pretty tough Chaplet, made with longevity in mind--it is strung on heavy, 40# lb test cable wire, crimped carefully, and threaded thru wire guardians at the connection points to protect against fraying.

Chaplets WILL break someday--if you would like this in a guaranteed not-to-break in your lifetime version, ask me about wire wrapping it.

An as always, it will arrive ready for presentation, boxed in silver and in a beautiful organza  beaded bag.

Thanks for looking and blessings+

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