Thursday, July 17, 2014

Robert's Heirloom Rosaries- Newly Listed- Chaplet Of Saint Patrick

Unbreakable Chaplet of St. Patrick- Celtic

These are each single decade rosaries- meant to be carried in the pocket or purse.

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Natural Emeralds and Pale Green Adventurine, Ornate open window bead caps- solid Bronze

This single decade rosary- Pater Noster natural 10 MM Pale Green Adventurine surrounded by 8 MM natural Emeralds. The Aves are 10 MM natural Pale Green Adventurine. The connectors are 4 MM ORNATE BRONZE. The hanging medal is a beautiful medal of Saint Patrick. Around the border of the medal it states, "Our Patron St. Patrick Pray For Us". The beautiful Celtic crucifix matches well with the hanging medal. The crucifix and medal are antique museum pieces of past centuries that have been recast so we can continue to enjoy this beautiful pieces of art.

The prayers said on this chaplet are quite different than the rosary. For example- on the medal of St. Patrick the concluding prayer is said (Breastplate of St. Patrick) as follows:

Let us Pray:
Christ as a light, Illumine and guide me!
Christ as a shield, o'ershadow and cover me!
Christ be under me! Christ be over me!
Christ be beside me, On the left hand and right!
Christ be before me, behind me, about me;
Christ this day be within and without me!

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