Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Catholic rosary, Miraculous, White Turquoise and Deep Blue Cloissone Beads

This rosary has been made by using 8mm white turquoise or howlite as the AVE beads and wrapping each one with gold 20 gauge wire and attaching it to the next bead. The gold wire has been treated to resist tarnish.

Cloissone beads are beads with thin metal strips attached and then enamel is filled in the spaces to create a beautiful and one of a kind bead. The Pater (Our Father) beads are dark blue cloissone beads that are about 14mm. They too are individually wire wrapped only in a configuration of beads including bead caps and crystals for decoration.

The crucifix and Miraculous center are uniquely finished brass that is antiqued and finished. The result is a beautiful antique gold color. 

Wire wrapping guarantees a rosary that will not break under normal use. It can be cleaned with a jewelry polishing clothe. The beads in this rosary can be cleaned also, but please do not drop on a hard surface such as kitchen tile because they are stones and can break.

Feel free to ask questions if you have them. Free shipping in the US.

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