Saturday, December 20, 2014

New from HeartFeltRosaries!

Here's a peek at my newest Rosary--Crystal in a fantastic shade of rose with a detailed, ornate Bronze Cross...I will be completing it later tonight--you can reserve it now at

$194 with free Priority shipping --  Layaway is available

Notice the fine detailing on the Cross--Crowns on all four arms of the Cross for Jesus' Kingship, and a Fleur d'lys in the middle--the symbol of the Holy Trinity. The center is a Our Lady of Lourdes medal.

Add Japanese bronze-capped Our Fathers and a crown-topped heart medal that reminds me of the Sacred Heart to finish the design.

It is completely wire wrapped with heavy, 20g Bronze wire for beauty and an unbreakable strength that will last through a lifetime of prayer and then some--and I guarantee that. period.

Visit the shop at to see the rest of the collection!

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