Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Catholic Rosary, Heart of Mary, Bronze components and Beautiful Tensha Beads

This rosary just seemed to choose its own colors. The white jade are 8 mm rounds wire wrapped in jewelers bronze. These are the AVE beads.

The Paters are beautiful dark red Tensha beads followed by bead caps and a creamy ivory cathedral bead

I have wrapped these beads with 20 gauge jewelers bronze that has been coated with a tarnish resistant coating. It will eventually start to tarnish, but a soft jewelers cloth will bring it back to new. Never use harsh cleaners as these can affect the beads and cause them to turn or crack.

The beautiful centerpiece is the focal point of this rosary. It is a large bronze oval with a silhouette of Mary and a lace appearance along the edge.

This is an heirloom rosary that should last a lifetime and be passed to the next generation. Consider this as being the only rosary you need unless, of course, you collect them.

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