Thursday, October 15, 2009

Growing Job's Tears Beads - The Journey of the Little Sprout

Before I give you an update on "The Journey of the Little Sprout," I decided I would repost this entry, dated September 10, 2009, from our previous blog.

Our Rosary Guild on Etsy has had so much fun watching these Job's Tears seeds grow!

On July 26, Carm, of Unbreakable Rosaries, told us all that she had some left-over job's tears and was wondering if any of us had any experience growing them (which we did not.) Despite her confession that she had a black thumb, she decided that she would soak them to "soften them up a bit" then "stick 'em in the dirt and wait."

Four days later, on July 31, she sent us the first picture with questions of whether we thought it was a weed or a sprout. By the thirty-first of July, we all agreed that it was definitely a sprout!

A couple of weeks later, she sent us the photo of those little sprouts transplanted and thriving in their new home. (So much for the "supposed" black thumb.)

On August 29, we were all amazed at how "our" little sprout had grown and wondered when the "tears" would appear. (I think we have all adopted this little sprout.)

Well, look at the picture we received today! Isn't it beautiful!

I kept telling Carm that she needed to journal the journey of this little sprout and post it on our blog. Since I am so good at coming up with ideas for others to do, I decided that I would do it with Carm's blessing.

I'll keep you posted... :)

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