Thursday, October 15, 2009

Harvesting the Beads - The Journey of the Little Sprout Continued

Back in July, Carm of Unbreakable Rosaries undertook an experiment--growing a Job's Tears plant from a few extra beads she had left over. (You can read more about the journey in our previous post below.)

Today our team received a message from Carm along with photos of the progress. Here is her update:
Thought I'd update you as some of the Job's tears were finally ready to pick and I've been doing a bit of experimenting.

Apparently when they turn dark green, they're ready for harvesting. A day after picking the green color starts to fade and by day two they're nice and brown. If you pick them too soon (while they're still a light green color) ... the shrivel up (whoops!) Anyway, here are some photos.
What a neat experiment this has been!

We agree, Carm. This has been a really neat experiment!

I am sure we will be seeing some of the final fruits of Carm's labors--as in beautiful Job's Tears rosaries--soon. :-)


Prayers4Theresa said...

This is awesome!!

Alice Cantrell said...

This is such a lovely blog!
I have grown Job's Tears for about 10 years now, and they are what actually got me into rosary making in the first place. :) If you wait until the seeds turn grey or brown and detach easily from the plant, you will have a drier and prettier bead. The centers will also come out much easier (but they will still require a day or two of drying).

Anonymous said...

This is so neat!