Friday, October 16, 2009

We're getting down to the last bit of sun in Ohio for the fall--do you know we have more cloudy days here in Ohio than anywhere else in the country? Depressing! But I remember sunshine..kinda. Maxx liked it..

On the Bead Board

I've been working up some new Rosaries for the store, and this one, inspired by the Ethiopian Coptic Cross and 4-way medal I love, just listed:

All Sterling, and lots of it; some absolutely top notch Lapis for the Aves -- and for the Paters, unpolished (matte) Quartz that looks like fog in a bottle! Does it look familiar? It should--I also have it in Bronze in the Shop, so stop by!

HeartFelt Rosaries


prayer bedes said...

Yes, remember sunshine... It is not any better here in Minnesota. Blue is may favorite, so I love this rosary. (I mean "blue" as in the color blue, not the feeling.) :-)

maebyn said...

Hi there -

I was just wondering where you and others in the guild find such beautiful crosses and centers? I'm just beginning to make my own rosaries as gifts (and perhaps join this guild one day...). Do you buy them individually from other Etsy sellers? I apologize if this has been blogged about in the past...