Thursday, November 12, 2009

On the Bead Board with Neen

Hi-It's Neen again, from HeartFelt Rosaries. In an attempt to jumpstart the economy, I have hired a shipping department to help me out! Yes, I am pumping money --well, catnip anyway--into the economy at a rapid pace.

My new employess are working hard to learn their craft!

Here, Maxx vonMeow tests the tensile strength of a mailing bag ....

While Squeaker Fluffytail, not to be outdone, astutely calculates how to pack a size 12 cat into a size 8 box

Maxx and Squeak are hoping to pack this new Rosary up soon!

Just listed--one of my 'Ultimate Line' Rosaries in some absolutely top quality Aquamarine.

I've put my best into this design, from the gorgeous Aquamarine to the ornate Bali bead and Apatite Paters to some wonderful Sterling pieces. The Two Angels Crucifix is one of my all-time best selling Crucifixes, offered for the first time in Sterling. The Center is a profile of Our Blessed Mother, and the medal is an unusual and unique medal of the Archangel Michael.

See this newest offering, and many more in my Etsy Shop, HeartFelt Rosaries

And that's not all--the Etsy Rosary Guild has lots of new and lovely Sacramentals!
How about this gorgeous pink Rosary from Unbreakable Rosaries

Or this bronze beauty from MarysChildren. To see these and many more from our wide variety of Rosary Guild Artists, enter 'Rosary Guild Team' into the Etsy 'search' box...

But for now, I'm being paged for cat treats for the 'worker's' coffee break...


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Prayers4Theresa said...

LOL! I love the new shipping staff pictures!

I have a little fuzzy intern myself. She spends more time swatting around styrofoam peanuts and walking on bubble-wrap than she does doing any real work.