Monday, November 16, 2009

Rubies for Someone Special

Hi again--Neen from HeartFelt Rosaries...
Every so often I list something special, and here is something VERY special in some wonderful 8mm facted Ruby (Yes, real Ruby)--

The color of this Ruby is exceptional, kind of a raspberry/claret, immediately striking and rich and warm. The facets make the beads sparkle, and the bright sterling Bali bead caps bring out the color even more strongly.
There are almost 200 carats of Ruby in this Rosary, and 3 full ounces of Argentium 925 Sterling Silver... heavy Bali bead Paters and substantial and lovely Crucifix and Our Lady of Sallette Center...all combine to make a rare Rosary.
Oh, yes, it is expensive--Ruby does not come cheap--but for the right person this will be the Ultimate Rosary to pass down the generations... And a once in a lifetime Rosary that was a pleasure to make!

I made the Rosary today while the weather outside got more and more cloudy--I think Indian Summer is over. The kitties can't sit in the open window with it being this chilly, so, for a treat, I opened one of those $.99 thin plastic drop cloths and draped it on the floor. This is a toy better than South American Catnip! All three cats spent much of the day diving into the plastic, over, under, rolling in it, dropping their little fake mouses into it and trying to retrieve them again....chasing each other like crazy. The plastic makes lots of noise, which seems to please them to no end.... This is, of course, exhausting work...

What goes better with Rubies than Pearls? This lovely wrap around Rosary bracelet is from the very clever mind of Colonial Pipe Box

Or Maybe this?


Well, Rubies and Rosaries, Pearls and Cats--I think we've come full circle for the night.
Stop in again for more information on Rosaries, their history and use, and of course...more pictures...from the talented folks at the Etsy Rosary Guild!


All for now--Keep checking the store for new stuff! Thanks for looking!

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