Friday, February 26, 2010

Russian Orthodox Brass Icon Chotki - Jesus Prayer Beads

One of my favorite times of the year to shop for beads is when our local bead store returns from the annual Tuscon Bead Market.  The lampwork beads on this Chotki came from that shopping excursion yesterday.  They are my favorite find.
The brass icon pendant is the last one I have in my inventory, and unfortunately, the last one I will be able to get. I have been saving it thinking I was not ready to part with it, but it was the perfect medal for this piece as I worked on it last night.  Along with the beads, I would have to say that the finished piece is probably one of my favorite works.
For me, the great paradox of Christianity is evident in this piece--it is in death that we have new life.  The Icon depicts the suffering and death of Jesus, while the blue in the lampwork beads reminds me of the new birth held inside a robins egg.

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