Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why I believe in God

A few days ago, I found a thread in one of the Etsy forums that asked: "Why do you believe in God?" I was at work at the time and was unable to respond to the question right then and there. When I got home from work, I was unable to find the tread. However, it was a great question because it forced me to sit down and really think about why I believe in God. I wrote my answer in a short poem which I would like to share with you.

Why I believe in God

I have seen His beauty revealed in the perfection of indigo spirals on a lowly periwinkle, no two shells alike.
I have seen the trees dance for joy in the glistening sunset at the end of a long winter’s day.
I have heard His simple, sweet song of love in the babbling of a brook,
that same melody swelled to grandeur by a joyous symphony of birds.
I have been filled with awe in a cathedral of pines
and my soul has been hushed in the Presence I encountered there. I I have seen the wind breathe His life into all of creation,
and heard the ocean roar in response to the power of His touch.
I have felt His hand caress my cheek with the gentle breezes of the night
and have found Him pressing close to me with the warmth of the morning sun.
In all these things, His arms and His Word have drawn me closer to Himself in a courtship of love that passes all understanding.
My mind has touched the great paradox of knowing, that while that same deep, intimate Love woos each individual to union with Himself, all of this meant just for me.


prayer bedes said...

Amen! I believe. Thanks for sharing your heartfelt thoughts in such a poetic form. God is with us and shows us his unconditional love; we just need the ears to hear and eyes to see. So many times our sight is blinded and our ears are plugged! =)

Sarah Harkins said...

very beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!

Sue said...

Beautiful... I find God in the midst of beauty--and I am driven toward God in the midst of pain... God isn't just about belief for me, it's a matter of feeling.