Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ultimate Moonstone!

Hi--it's Jeanine from HeartFelt Rosaries (Etsy shop:, and I wanted to share a Rosary from my Ultimate line.
The Ultimate Rosary is one with my best work and the finest semi precious gemstones I can find, and is often a one only Rosary. They are fun to make and special to receive!
This time around I'm working with top quality moonstone, foggy with lots of blue flash--and it looks like this:
It would make the ultimate wedding Rosary!  And yes, it is expensive, but well priced for the quality of the moonstone.
And here is a pocket Rosary that's very much more reasonable. Remember, this is an unbreakable Rosary, and will happily reside in your pocket or purse daily for year after year, ready for prayer during your busy day.
This is Poppy Jasper and Cafe au Lait Mother of Pearl with bronze everywhere.  The Crucifix is the Crucifix of St Francis of Assisi (San Damiano Crucifix)--more about it in my listing, so be sure to check out my shop. And for more of my work and the  work of my fellow Etsy Rosary Guild mates, enter 'rosary guild team' in the search box on the Etsy site!  Thanks for looking,  J

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Laude Arts and Gifts said...


You do such beautiful work. I must confess that I'm drooling over that gorgeous moonstone rosary. Thanks for sharing it. :)