Monday, June 21, 2010

Monday Member Meet & Greet - pray59beads

Name: Kathleen
Where you live/grew up: Gillette, Wyoming
Family: Husband, 3 sons (18, 15, 8), 2 dogs, 1 lizard and 1 turtle

How did you get started making rosaries? A friend gave me a beautiful, handmade rosary.  I was intrigued with the amazing workmanship, creativity and spirituality that must have went into making it and after one of the links broke and we went back to her to have her fix it, I knew I wanted to make rosaries, too.  That was 4 years ago.
How has your faith played a role in your rosary making? I was raised Catholic.  My Mother is a devout Catholic and was a nun for 9 years before leaving the convent to start a family.  Her faith has been a lifelong inspiration to me and taught me to live a faithful life.
Where do you see your rosary business going? I hope to be making rosaries until my hands just won't cooperate any more.  I love giving people a beautiful piece that becomes a part of their faith and prayer.  That to me is the most rewarding part of making rosaries. 
Share a special rosary story of one that you sold/gave away: I met a lady at a craft show who commented on a pink rosary I had made.  She admired it and then said she really liked it because she was fighting breast cancer.  We got to talking and she said she was doing a fund raiser in the coming weeks.  I donated the rosary to her fund raiser.  She raffled it off.  That was awesome - and I was so happy I could in some small be a part of her fight and help her.
Give one reason why someone should buy your handmade rosary over a rosary purchased in a storeI take extra care to use quality supplies and guarantee all wire work for life.  Each of my rosaries is a unique creation and can be customized however the client wants it.  Even current inventory can be modified if requested.

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