Monday, August 2, 2010

Blue Crucifix Bead and Bronze Rosary

Laude Arts and Gifts

Linda from Laude Arts and Gifts here. This rosary is a little bit of a departure from the norm for me. That's because these crucifix beads from Czechoslovakia are simply amazing. Each 8mm by 6mm glass bead has an image of a crucifix pressed into both sides. The image is then highlighted with gold colored enamel. These beads have a mesmerizing effect on me and always lead me into prayer and contemplation. I don't know if these beads are handmade or not but they look handmade. Each bead is slightly different from the others and the color varies from bead to bead.

Accenting the crucifix beads are hand made antiqued bronze Bali beads. The crucifix and center are hand cast bronze. Each of them was made from a new mold of an old piece. In this instance, the originals for both the crucifix and center are from Europe in the early 1900's.

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Flor Larios Art said...

Absolutely beautiful! I love rosaries!

prayer bedes said...

I love those beads! =)

Jan Vermillion-Thomason said...

i visited artexana and my favorite piece in her shop is the marfa lights set.