Friday, September 3, 2010

Alternative Rosary Prayers

As I came across this rosary today by one of our members, I was reminded of a little prayer.  Bishop Paul Dudley, former Bishop of Sioux Fall South Dakota, was actually from my hometown of Northfield, MN.  When he retired, he returned to Northfield and was involved in our local parish.  It was then that I developed a deep respect and admiration for his gentle and fervent faith.

Bishop Paul's favorite prayer was Come, Holy Spirit.  This rosary pictured above by Mary's Rosary Garden brought back that simple, beautiful prayer to me.

For a time I would use that prayer as an alternate for the Ave Maria (Hail Mary) when I prayed the rosary.  I think I need to incorporate that prayer again.  It would be used along with the Ave Maria or by itself.

Here is a link to the beautiful blue rosary pictured above:

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