Monday, September 6, 2010

Rosary for St Francis is back!

Hi--it's Jeanine from (that's my Etsy shop).
I've offered Rosaries in this style to honor St Francis many times, and they have always found a good audience (and a good home). Now, it's time to offer up another! I offer it in the brown of the Franciscans with some lovely poppy jasper and bronze bali beads.
The Crucifix is that of the San Damiano Chapel (aka St Damian's)--a worn down, beat up chapel that the Saint was praying fervently in one day. Suddenly, he heard the voice of the Lord say: Francis, repair my Church.  He thought he was supposed to repair the chapel...and he did...but he came to realize that the Lord had something much bigger in mind--the reformation of the whole Church.  And so he did, in simplicity and with great devotion.
This Rosary is always popular with Franciscan Third Orders--so if you know any (or indeed, are one) do invite them to go to my store for more info! Thx for looking!
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Via Dell aRosa said...

I always love your rosaries! This is one especially beautiful piece!