Saturday, August 6, 2011

St Therese Unbreakable Rosary from Laude Arts and Gifts

St Therese Rosary by Laude Arts and Gifts

Also known as "The Little Flower", St Therese is one of the greatest and most well-known saints in the Catholic Church.   Her doctrine is known as "The Little Way".   Basically, she believed that if we did "little" things for God in love and to the best of our ability, each of those acts would become as a beautiful little flower in the eyes of the Lord.   Together these little flowers would become a bouquet of love that is fragrant and pleasing to God.  For this reason, St. Therese is always shown with a bouquet of roses in her arms.

With that in mind, I have used flowers in this rosary in an effort to honor St. Therese.   The gold finished pewter center shows an image of St. Therese encircled by a heart shaped wreath of roses.  The crucifix, which is also gold finished pewter, has a beautiful spray of roses.  The cloisonne Pater beads feature red and white roses on an iridescent aqua background.   The AvĂ© beads are aqua with light AB coating.

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